How to “Saber” a champagne bottle. (Sabrage)

On March 14, 2012 by Its EH

Want to pop those champagne bottles with some additional swag? Why not grab the nearest blade and pop that Don Perignon like an 18th Century Birdman! Just follow these easy steps for a classier way to party…

Step 1

Ensure you’re using a good quality bottle, or else you’ll risk an explosion when using the glass is put under pressure. Remove all foil around the cork so that the neck is fully exposed. Holing the bottle by the punt in your weaker hand, tilt it so it faces 45 degrees away from you.

Step 2

Now you need to identify the seam that runs from the bottom to the top of the bottle. Follow it all the way up to the crown and where the two seams meet you’ll find the weakest part if the bottle, this is the area you’ll be aiming to hit with the sabre.

Step 3

The next step is to utilise your sabre – just a kitchen knife will be fine it’s relativly heavy – and use the blade to tickle the neck, running it up and down the seam while applying a bit of pressure. This creates vibrations within the glass, making it weaker and preparing the bottle for the final strike.

Step 4

Make sure you keep your striking wrist firm. The action comes from your shoulder and elbow but it shouldn’t be overly forceful – its all about hitting the sweet spot in one clean motion, much like a gold swing. The key is a good follow through, so the whole of the collar comes off with the cork still inside, ands that any loose glass will fly away from you and onlookers.

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