Nike patent the “Marty McFly” Nike Air Mag Trainers

On August 27, 2010 by Its EH

It would seem Nike have finally decided to get behind the “Nike Air Mag“, or as you and i know it, the”stupid-dope-auto-zip-up-light-up-trainer-from-back-to-the-future-II“…. YES… THAT ONE!! Buuut before you go abandoning your wives/girlfriends/children to queue up outside the nearest Nike Town or Size, they have only filed for a patent for the shoe. Meaning they COULD make it, and looking at the patent images they’ve put a lot of thought into it, so lets just hope Nike pull their finger out and get it on the shelves before 2012 and that whole end of the world malarky!

Check out all the details after the jump.

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