This Saturday…Retro Games Galore!

On August 6, 2010 by Its EH

A long time ago in a galaxy close to home before Sony became the Hitler of the video games market. Sega along with Nintendo were the head honchos in the 2-D stream of things. Being an Arcade Kid very rarely an event occurs where Columns on the Mega Drive can be played amongst fellow aficionados and 8-bit soundtracks resonate eardrums on loop.

This Saturday the 7th  (Yes Tomorrow!) at the Future Gallery.  From 2pm until Midnight the Hand Baked Arcade gives modern and ancient gamers the chance to play on the Mega Drive and Master System. Alongside, Gameboys and Super NES for the duration of the ten hour occasion.

Admission is a measly £2 before 6pm, and £4 after. All games are free to play once in the premises.

Nearest Station: Leicester Square (Piccadilly/Northern Line)

Link:the Future Gallery

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