Queuing has begun for the Nike Air Foamposite One “Galaxy” outside Niketown London….

On March 13, 2012 by Its EH

So im rollin into work yesterday and three dudes have already started pitching up tents outside NIKETOWN to get their hands on a pair of Foamposite Galaxy’s!! There will only be 50 in store so if I was you I would drop everything and get a spot in line!! These kicks are going for near $16,000 online so its a pretty dam good investment, but seeing as the delivery has been pushed back till friday, the question is could you hack it??!

2 Responses to “Queuing has begun for the Nike Air Foamposite One “Galaxy” outside Niketown London….”

  • jane

    no hope for the planet at all if kids think this is so important, the world can go to hell, amazing isn’t it, I’d rather pitch a tent for my fucking freedom, these guys have lost it, minds, freedom, the lot

  • kick_kicks

    KIDS!!? You’ve been smoking crack.
    This ”kid” has just camped outside in what I think is the best city in the world, the place i’ve grown up and paid £200 for trainers I can now sell if i wanted for £1500.
    And just so you know i have worked and paid taxes for 12 years so i will do the fuck i want…
    Fucking judgemental prick !!!

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